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Part 2 - Mérida

The beautiful Monumento a la Bandera or Monument to the Homeland on Paseo de Montejo. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Mérida is breathtaking! There is absolutely no city even slightly similar to Mérida in the USA. The list of Mérida’s beautiful qualities is ongoing! It’s a safe city, It’s beautiful, the people are friendly, its affordable, it has a great night life, good health care, and  it has an airport that is easy to navigate for travelers and it is centrally located to a ton of fun activities!  One of the beautiful store fronts in Merida What about the Safety!? As always we have to remember that live in the 2020s and there is going to be potential for crime anywhere. NO LOCATION IS PERFECT. The key however is finding a location where you can reduce the chances of having a bad experience and also have peace of mind so you can actually enjoy your time. I’ll be honest, as a US citizen, often times when I have thought of visiting Mexico I’ve thought of armed guards, windows with bars, high

Part 1 - The Yucatán - A brief history of Mesoamerica

Hola Amigos! taking this opportunity to finally write an actual blog post about my recent adventure traveling to beautiful Merida Mexico! Nothing beats getting out of the cold midwestern weather and being greeted by the breezy sweet smelling air of the Yucatán! First a little geography and history lesson for those unfamiliar with the Yucatán state. The Southern Mexican States As you can see it is one of the southern states of Mexico. It’s nearby Cancun and Cozumel but those destinations are part of a separate state called Quintana Roo. The Yucatán is also far less touristy and that my friends is a beautiful thing! The Yucatán is one of the safest states in Mexico and most visitors will feel at ease and right at home. Mayan Ruins at Dzibilchaltun As far as a brief the history of Merida and the Yucatán we can start back about 4 millennia ago with what became a very complex and advanced Mayan civilization. Years before the European powers traveled the world or even accepted that the worl