Travel & Finding Home.

Why is it that traveling is such an escape for so many people including myself? Is it the exploration of the unknown? A break from the daily monotony of our lives? Do we become energized by seeing beautiful places and interesting cultures?
It’s probably a combination of all those reasons and more! There’s a welsh word Hiraeth, I don’t even know how to pronounce it correctly, but I absolutely love the translation that the internet has given it, yes I say the internet because I don’t know any welsh speakers to confirm. But the definition that I’ve come to appreciate is that it means, homesick for a home that one can no longer return to and that maybe didn’t actually exist in the first place.  Maybe that’s what I’m doing on my adventures, attempting to find a home, because I know the one I had isn’t in existence anymore. Look up that word, Hiraeth. I’m absolutely captivated by it. What do you think of this word?


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